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neveah and Baby Boi Peru have just created The No. 1 song in the U.S. with their new catchy single "Phobias".  Feel euphoric and trippy as you enjoy this dance hit with her beautiful sultry voice, catchy lyrics and a captivating trance beat.  The song has tropical house elements along with the deep house feel that will make you feel like you are in Ibiza or Tulum while listening.  The track was created at 120 BPM originally but then slowed down to give it the Lo-Fi House effect.  #Phobias #LoFiHouse #DeepHouse #TropicalHouse #Reggeaton


Neveah Valdizan, known professionally as neveah, is an American Peruvian singer, songwriter, producer and creator.  She is known as "tech's music prodigy" by music critics and fans alike, who is disrupting a billion dollar industry through pioneering a new era and a new way of creating music.  She has gained world popularity for being the first musician to release a professional album "Sticky Notes", created entirely on an iPhone by the age of fourteen.  

Sticky Notes


neveah is a Utah music prodigy that’s using technology to accomplish major feats in the music industry that other music stars weren’t able to accomplish at such young ages.  At the age of two before she could speak, neveah began to sing along to songs like “No One” by Alicia Keys and others. By the age of eight neveah began using tech apps like YouTube and Smule to teach herself how to sing passionate songs and was singing songs from bands like Queen to artists like Rihanna, Bruno Mars and others. At the age of thirteen her dad asked her: “Do you believe you can be a star and that the whole world will one day listen to your music and if so, can you prove it?" neveah accepted the challenge and decided to launch a solo music career setting herself the goal, that at fourteen, before her freshman year in high school was over, to come out with a debut music album that would compete with the debut albums of the likes of Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Britney Spears, and even the King of Pop’s (Michael Jackson), and she would do it all using her iPhone.

neveah began using the iPhone to teach herself music composition theory and writing, using YouTube and GarageBand to learn and produce her own music, because this would make her a powerful musician and not just a singer.  neveah believes that the thrill of making great music is doing so with the least tools because it keeps music fun and simple. And she was using tech to accomplish what solo teen artists hadn’t before; making a professional debut album all on her own.  neveah did it and released her debut album, “Sticky Notes”, the last week of school, before the end of her freshman year at Timpview High School on May 28th, 2021. The album was an immediate success and received great recognition and praise from her school, along with Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi and the city of Provo. Utah Senator Mitt Romney, wrote Neveah and her school a letter praising her accomplishment. Technology music giants like karaoke app Smule reached out to Neveah to congratulate and sponsor her as one of its “rising artists”. Neveah also spent much of this past summer interviewing and performing for news, radio stations, and more.

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